Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Enterprises - Femtocells are finding a home

[prnewswire] While the residential market is still viewed as the primary target for femtocell deployment, use of the wireless signal extenders is starting to ramp up significantly in the enterprise sector, with potential cost savings and improved efficiency the key drivers, according to the latest report published by Light Reading's VoIP Services Insider, a subscription research service from TechWeb's Light Reading.

Femtocells at the Enterprise: Expanding Coverage Plus UC provides an in-depth look at the femtocells-at-the-enterprise market, including the needs that the solutions address, as well as a comparative analysis of solutions for 11 top vendors, broken down by vendor, their competitive differences, and partners each works with to develop solutions. It also examines the savings that can be achieved if the solutions are integrated, as well as the vertical market strengths and strategies for profiled suppliers.

"Femtocell deployment is picking up steam in the medium and large enterprise market," says Denise Culver, research analyst with Light Reading's VoIP Services Insider and author of the report. "The initial draw is the same as it was for home users and the small office/home office (SOHO) market: the ability to gain better reception and cheaper calls."

The ability to tie enterprise femtocell users back into the mobile operator's core and simultaneously expand the capabilities of the private branch exchange (PBX) infrastructure is a key reason that femtocell at the enterprise will succeed, Culver says. "Femtocells are intelligent, so operators have confidence that they are delivering superior coverage," she notes. "Without question, SMEs will continue to build out their femtocell deployments, and medium and large enterprises will follow as they recognize the benefits their smaller counterparts are achieving."

Key findings of Femtocells at the Enterprise: Expanding Coverage Plus UC include the following:

* A key capability for femtocell at the enterprise is that mobile operators can tailor in-building tariff policies for enterprise customers with no impact to their networks.
* Value is gained through management of mobile services and improvements to business processes, including deployment of unified communications (UC) services.
* Enterprises use femtocell at the enterprise to improve cellular services and customer satisfaction inside buildings.
* Operators gain indoor coverage and increased network capacity from femtocells at the enterprise.
* Expect to see mobile operators developing truly enterprise-specific service offerings to enterprises in the next 18 to 24 months.

Femtocells Are Finding a Home in the Enterprise, Report Finds
Individual reports are available for $900.

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