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Nigeria - 2010 - Broadband penetration realizable?

[daily champion] The expectations are high and hopes rising to roof tops as industry experts look forward to 2010 as the year, business would move faster, people keep in touch more with e-mail than ever before and events across the world are accessed and downloads completed in seconds as broadband assures high speed internet connection.

People who use the Internet for chatting and downloading songs are counting on a high-speed connection for the ultimate in convenience and ease without being kicked offline for periods of time.

According to, when you sign up for a high-speed Internet connection, you put an end to; waiting minutes for simple downloads, the frustration of being kicked offline due to server overload.

Also with a high-speed connection, you'll have; the fastest downloads, a smoother running office or business, an "always on" connection and a quick access to the information you need and want.

A high-speed connection will enable you to be online all the time, which means no more annoying dial-up wait time. You can count on the reliability and efficiency of high-speed Internet in your own home and office.

For second national carrier, Globacom, Saturday, September 5, 2009 was the day its long-awaited submarine cable dubbed Glo 1 landed on the shore of Alfa Beach in Lagos

Speaking at the reception ceremonies, the Group Executive Director, Globacom, Mr. Paddy Adenuga, said Glo 1 cable will deliver transmission capacity that would radically change Nigeria and Africa's economic landscape by providing unprecedented high speed internet services and make telecom services much faster, more reliable and cheaper for consumers.

Mr. Adenuga said Glo-1's current and ultimate capacity is enough to cater for the required broadband need of Nigeria for the next 15 to 20 years.

"With Glo-1, Globacom has taken a huge leap to avail Africa the magical possibilities of broadband. Glo-1 submarine cable connects West Africa to the UK and has landing points in Lagos and Bonny in Nigeria, Bude in London and Lisbon in Portugal. Glo 1 is also deploying 16 branching units to connect countries in West Africa," he said.

NITEL's SAT 3, was the only active submarine cable available to West Africa, before Glo 1 with MainOne cable coming later in 2009

Speaking recently in Lagos on the implications of these developments on the nation, the President, Association of Telecommunication Companies of Nigeria (ATCON), Dr. Emmanuel Ekuwem called on all stakeholders to be prepared for the explosion that will come with broadband penetration in the country from the second half of 2010.

"Are we ready to take advantage of that, are we ready to be part of that revolution. We as a people, we in government, health, education, hospitality industry, hair-dressers, and fashion designers would be part of this industry. Already we have been carried away by the success of narrow band, voice, but with broadband coming we have not seen anything yet. When broadband comes in the later part of next year, I tell you this country will be second to none, but are we ready?, he said enthusiastically.

Speaking also in the same vein, president Nigeria Internet Group (NIG), Mr. Lanre Ajayi said broadband will bring about accelerated economic growth and that the expected explosion that is expected with it will boast e-Business, Internet Technology driven business and will be a catalyst to accelerated economic growth in the country.

"We cannot hope to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MSGs) and the vision 20:2020 without driving the economy with technology particularly with information and communications technologies (ICTs)," he said.

Ajayi said with recent developments in the Nigerian ICT sector, the nation looks set to join the rest of the world in driving its economy with e-Business.

He stated that the NIG is excited about these developments.

"The main concern of NIG is therefore no longer about internet access. Our concern today is about what to do with the access.

"We are confident that the internet will soon be available in Nigeria and its ubiquity, we therefore encourage Nigerians to seize this opportunity to deploy various internet application services, ranging from e-Business to e-Government, from e-Learning to e-Health and particularly for business process outsourcing which is capable of generating not only employment opportunities but enormous foreign exchange for the country," he said

At present, bandwidth providers are retailing bandwidth they procure in bulk, which invariably is very expensive. Glo 1 and Main One couple with SAT 3 it expected would fill this vacuum and will narrow the digital divide between Nigeria, Africa and the rest of the world.

Speaking on his expectation for 2010 a Professor of Information Technology and Communication and retired General Manager, operations, Nigeria Telecommunications Limited (NITEL) Joseph Ofulue, while calling for a national internet gateway said availability of Broadband Internet would be a boost next year.

Although there are skepticisms in certain quarters on the sincerity of these operators as some are quick to ask why the operations did not begin as promised this year.

Speaking recently at a public forum, Mr Jude Offor (not real names) said the operators have simply taken the nation for a ride, wondering why no official of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) as regulators was invited to the landing of the cables.

Easily the greatest worry of stakeholders has been the preparedness of the nation, content-wise, for the explosion that will come with these developments.

They have expressed concern that at present internet users in the country only download without contributing anything by way of uploading contents.

They also called for the part Nigerians to begin

As the nation looks forward to an anticipated explosion of broadband penetration, the question that comes to mind is; will 2010 be the year or will be goalpost be further shifted? Your guess is as good as mine.

2010 - Broadband Penetration Realizable?

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